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The CYP Domestic Abuse Recovery Toolkit

Facilitated by SWA on behalf of RockPool

Who is it for:
Ages 8 – 18yrs who have had domestic abuse occur within their family, and are no longer living with the perpetrator of the abuse.
Duration: 2 hours per week for 8 weeks.
Topics included:

  • Negative automatic thinking and positivity
  • Self-esteem
  • Gender roles
  • Children’s’ rights
  • Safety planning
  • Dealing with anger and other difficult emotions
  • Healthy relationships and abusive behaviours

Referrals are accepted from agencies working with the family, or directly from the parent/carer. Prior to a place being confirmed on the group, an assessment visit will be completed with a group facilitator. Please contact 01793 864984 for more info or complete the referral

I am a young person, what can I do?
ChildLine – 0800 1111 – This is a 24-hour telephone helpline for children and young people needing to talk. Calls are confidential and are free even from mobiles. Their website is – A site to learn more about domestic abuse within a family. – A site for young people worried about a relationship of their own. If you are worried for yourself or someone you know, please speak with an adult you trust; it may be someone at school or college, or an adult at a club you go to. There are people who will help you.

College Drop-ins
We have a Young Person IDVA who works specifically with 16 – 25 years. Advice drop-ins will run fortnightly at Swindon College and New College. Please enquire on 01793 864984 for more information.

Guidance for Referrals

Click here: CYP RTK Referrer guidance

Referral Form

    Referrer’s details:

    Service user details:


    Is the young person still in contact with the abusive parent:

    Is the Young person aware of this referral:

    Parent/carer details:

    Are you happy for the facilitator’s to complete a home visit?